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Empowering individuals of all ages with personalized, client-centered and effective online therapy sessions

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Maybe you're feeling like you're managing, but something's still not quite right. You have thoughts and feelings that weigh on you, but you push them aside and keep moving forward because there's work to be done. These thoughts may creep up throughout the day, some days more than others, and it can be incredibly distracting and frustrating.

You're juggling multiple responsibilities and roles, putting the needs of others before your own. You've come to accept that being a caring and thoughtful person is just a part of life. But it's starting to feel overwhelming, isn't it?

It's understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with all the thoughts and feelings that are weighing on you. You're not alone in this, and it's important to take care of yourself. Take a moment to reflect on what's been holding you back, what's been holding you down. It's time to break the cycle and take control of your thoughts and emotions. You deserve to live a fulfilling life, don't wait any longer, take the first step today.

Dhivyaraksha Pajni
Advanced Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

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“The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation” -Vernon Howard

As a mindset coach, I offer personalized and tailored support to help clients overcome limiting beliefs, develop new habits and strategies, and achieve their goals in career, personal growth, health, relationships, finances, and more, with the guidance of an expert, for an empowering and fulfilling life.

What does a mindset transformation strategist mean?

A mindset transformation strategist or mindset coach helps individuals or organizations shift their mindsets and adopt more empowering and positive beliefs and habits.

They use a range of techniques and tools to help their clients to build:

  • Confidence,

  • Resilience, and

  • A growth mindset.

Aim of a Mindset Transformation strategist

A mindset transformation strategist aims to help clients create lasting change and reach their full potential by shifting their mindset and adopting more empowering beliefs and habits.

Some of the common areas where a mindset coach can help you to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and habits are:

          Career Development

Help individuals achieve career success by identifying strengths, interests, and values and developing a personalized plan for achieving career goals 

             Personal Growth

Help you develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a sense of purpose, and work through challenges such as anxiety, stress, and self-doubt.

        Health and Well-being

Help you develop new habits and strategies for improving your health and well-being.

             Relationship Issues

Assist you in creating new habits and techniques for strengthening personal relationships and fostering deeper connections with others.

Stress Management


Provide guidance and support in developing new techniques for handling stress and enhancing overall wellness.

Academic Success

Provide guidance and support in developing strategies for enhancing academic success and achieving educational goals.

                     Self Discovery

Guiding clients in the process of self-discovery to uncover their unique identity, core values, and personal beliefs and aligning their actions to live in accordance with them.

Performance Improvement

A mindset coach can help athletes, performers, and other high-achievers and help them develop new habits and strategies for improving performance and achieving success.

  Parenting and Family Dynamics

Guide in identifying personal relationships and dynamics challenges and creating new practices and plans for fostering more profound and meaningful connections.

 Addiction & Recovery

Assisting clients in overcoming addiction and developing a sustainable plan for long-term recovery through addressing underlying issues, learning coping mechanisms, and building resilience.

Happy at Home

Endorsements from valued clients

"The sessions were amazing right from figuring out the causes and ideal target. Working in the daily minute tasks to avoid uncertainty in day to day routine which is usual cause of the anxiety. Creating when then statements was a great tool which helps to take responsibility of handling the anxiety on your own. Would definitely recommend anyone to undergo therapy with The Placid Minds"

-Research Associate (Information Technology)

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