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Buckle up: it's a lifelong journey! 

“Developing a growth mindset is really a journey. It’s a lifelong journey of monitoring your trigger points and trying to approach things in a more growth mindset way of taking on challenges, sticking to them, and learning from them.”

                                                                                                                                    –  Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset Pioneer And Author Of Mindset

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I'm Dhivyaraksha, a certified therapist passionate about helping people overcome obstacles and improve their overall well-being. Throughout my professional journey, I've gained a diverse range of experience, from working in the banking sector to serving as a human resource consultant before discovering my true calling in psychology.

As a married person and a mother of two, I understand the importance of family and balance in one's life. I understand that everyone has different characters and individuality, even those who share the same lifestyle. And like most of us, I've had my fair share of struggles and challenges. But through my journey and experience as a therapist, I've been able to improve my own life and help others do the same.

Dhivyaraksha Pajni
Advanced Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

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To empower individuals to tap into their abilities and maximize their potential by providing effective and outcome-based methods and encouraging and equipping clients to lead fulfilling and meaningful life.

Integrity, Safety & Support, Empathy, Professionalism, Grit, Responsive & Caring, Non-judgemental"

Core Beliefs

As a Mindset Coach, my goal is to empower you to live the life you truly want by helping you gain clarity, achieve your desired outcomes, and find a sense of purpose. I understand that it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of modern life and that it can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Through my coaching, I provide you with the support, guidance, and tools you need to overcome limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and other obstacles that may be holding you back.

Together, we'll work to gain a deeper understanding of your values, goals, and aspirations. I will help you identify the areas where you want to make changes and create a plan to achieve them. We will focus on developing the mindset and skills necessary for you to reach your desired outcomes and find a sense of purpose.

I believe that everyone has the potential to lead a happy and fulfilling life, and it is my goal to help you tap into that potential. With my guidance and support, you'll be able to make real progress toward creating the life you truly want. Together, we'll work to help you achieve your goals and live a truly satisfying and meaningful life.

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Endorsements from valued clients

"The sessions were amazing right from figuring out the causes and ideal target. Working in the daily minute tasks to avoid uncertainty in day to day routine which is usual cause of the anxiety. Creating when then statements was a great tool which helps to take responsibility of handling the anxiety on your own. Would definitely recommend anyone to undergo therapy with The Placid Minds"

-Research Associate (Information Technology)

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